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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I almost don't want to write anything about this book. It really sucked me into the story and was very intense. I'm going to have a hard time waiting for the next one to come out. The story is so unique and intesting, and I completely fell in love with Jack even when he was being an ass. I love Kresley Cole, and I think this is a great addition to her books. One thing I will warn though, is that this is a YA novel, it is her first so I went into it kind of hoping she wouldn't make it like all the other YA novels out there. And it was pretty different and the story is so fast paced you almost don't notice the typical YA stuff. There is a lot of angst and lack of communication between Evie and Jack which pretty much drove me insane through the whole book, right to the freaking end. But that also kept me on the edge on my seat, wanting to know what would happen next with them. And..this is a spoiler I guess, so don't read this if you don't want to see a spoiler. The one thing, ONE THING! I was hoping Kresley Cole would leave out of her YA, the typical love triangle, she didn't. The love triangle is the reason I can't finish many YA series. It is so over used and freaking a pain is the ass to read. Kresley Cole's was no different, annoying as hell. Luckly by the time the new girl showed up I was so into the story there was no way in hell I was stoping. I'm definitely interested in the next book, I just hope the all the typical YA crap doesn't mess up Kresley Cole's amazing story line. Oh and let me just add that at the end when Evie goes all Super Plant Girl, was freaking amazing. It was written so well, I could picture it all and it was probably my favourite scene in the book. I hope in the next one she is even more bad ass (while staying good of course) ;)