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The Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords #1) - Michelle M. Pillow A very surprising book. I enjoyed it very much. Most alien romance books, at least the ones I've read, end up following the same plot. Alien dude kidnaps/saves and kidnaps/buys from somebody, a girl. And books usually focus a lot on the sex part of the relationship. This was different and refreshing. Even though the couple is married, the author comes up with a believable reason for the couple to get to know each other better before bringing sex into the relationship. I liked that a lot. Especially since there was lots of build up scenes and the author didn't disappoint when she finally delivered. I liked that Rigan wasn't annoying like some heroines in alien books. For the most part I think she held herself together pretty well. And I thought Ualan was super hot! I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of the prince brothers.