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Reckless - Skye Jordan How I know this was an awesome book - I didn't want it to freaking end!This book was super hot and sweet and cute and super hot...oh I said that already? Well it needs to be said twice. It melted me into a big puddle of lust. I LOVED Jax, he was so messed up from his previous relationships that I just wanted to cuddle him and smother him with kisses. Lexi was a really strong character, a strong woman. And I loved that, but at the same time it took her so long to just love Jax, and decide to be with him. I just wanted to yell at her, "LOOK AT HIS CUTE, SAD, HOT FACE AND LOVE HIM GODDAMN IT" But I did like her, she was really sweet, even when she wasn't ready for a relatioship with Jax, she always did little things to take care of him. Like making sure he had food after working all day, offering to get his clothes dry cleaned, and giving his tired muscles a massage (Although lets be honest, that definitely wasn't a hardship for her lol) I found all that really sweet. I loved the secondary characters too, the banter between Rubi and Wes was hilarious, and I hope they either end up together or each get their own books and they just become best friend lmao.I highly recommend this book, I can't tell you how much I loved it. And if you like tattooed bad boys, and sweet strong woman then you will love this book and I suggest getting it right away!To the author, please write me more books!!