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Beauty Awakened - Gena Showalter Gena Showalter does it again! I loved Beauty Awakened. First, I'll start with the cover. I love it, especially the purpe colour. Its very eye catching, and lovely. Ms.Showater dosn't disappoint when it comes to her covers, they are always beautiful. Now the story. Loved it! I found this book to be different then her others in the sense that it was inspiring. Through out the story there are teaching of joy and peace. And the lesson that your thoughts effect your body, and can even heal you if you believe and are postive. I found it beautiful, watching Nicola become stronger and ultimately defeating her demons. Both real and figurative lol. I found Koldo to be like a poor abused puppy, who I just wanted to cuddle. My only complaint is that there was hardly any sexy time. I understood that it fit with the story, but I still would have liked some more sexy scenes with Koldo ;) I wait impaitently for Gena's next book, and I recommend this one to any who haven't read it.