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Lost and Found - Nicole  Williams Yay!! There's going to be another book!! More Jesse! Who I am completely in love with. This book was a very pleasant surprise. I really enjoyed it. The author really brought to life the cowboys in this book which was great ;) and she captured ranch life in a way that made me, a person who has very limited experience with ranch life, able to picture the Walker ranch crystal clear. And the characters were wonderful. I'll admit that it took me awhile to warm up to Rowan but that was mostly because I thought she was crazy for not falling onto Jesse as soon as she met him (I might have mentioned I love him) The way the author described Jesses made him come alive for me. I could picture him with his cowboy hat, tight jeans and handsome grin, perfectly. And he was just so damn nice, with just the right touch of rough protective cowboy in there for him to be smoking hot. Like I said, I love him. The secondary characters were also great. I wouldn't mind spending the summer with the Walker family. I loved how accepting they were, they never once judged Rowan for the way she dressed and looked. That's something that more people should try. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is a fan of Romance and NA books. I can't wait for the next book! July hurry up!!!