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Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel This book is some heavy reading. I want to say I enjoyed it but that just doesn't seem like the right word. Appreciated it is better I think. The way Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote this book makes it seem like she is just sitting beside you telling you her story. Her voice is an easy one to read. As someone who struggles with depression everyday I found myself relating a lot too how Wurtzel described herself feeling. I would recommend this book to people, especially young people, you have depression. It shines light on the fact that you are not alone, that you aren't crazy, and that what your feeling isn't something to be ashamed of.Just a side note, before I started this book I read some of the reviews and I'd just like to address something I saw in a lot of those reviews. Many people called Wurtzel "self-indulgent and whiny." If you've read the book and thought that then you have obviously never been seriously depressed. When you are seriously depressed all you are is self-indulgent and whiny. You're consumed with your depression, all your thoughts are about your depression. You become completely self absorbed and I think Wurtzel is just being brutally honest in her description of depression. I thought that was the best part of the book, how freaking honest it is about a disease that many people aren't comfortable being honest about.